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It is planned?

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I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but I am for only one supported OS (Windows). When software developers have to support more than one OS, development and bugfixes slow right down because they have to do nearly double the work. Right now Derivative is fast (the fastest out of all the software I personally own) with bug fixes and updates with new features, if they started supporting Mac and Linux along with Windows I don’t think this would remain the case. I’m sure there will be others that will disagree but this is my opinion.


Well I must say that 077 seems to work perfectly in wine. No real problems detected due to its opengl nature.

088 otherwise, is not.
Apart from the fact that even the installer hangs (had to repackage it on windows into an MSI installer),
088 is now using some components of directx10, such as DWrite, direct2d for something, and also Media Foundation ( so it would not work with stock wine1.7.2). Exception at
fixme:dwrite:dwritefactory_CreateGdiCompatibleTextLayout. I could come further by adding/overriding into the bin folder,

DWrite.dll (needs to be explicitely set to native in winecfg)

but now I get an exception on NTDLL.dll.

wine: Unimplemented function NTDLL.dll.NtAlpcConnectPort called 

This is the core Library for the wine windows API, and one of the few Dlls which cannot be replaced.

As of writing the wine guys coded 78 % of the functions of the original NTDLL, but this Function, NtAlpcConnectPort, is still missing.

I will file a bug report for wine, and hope it gets fixed.
As of now, I cannot really forsee if 088 will run in wine. If derivative would do some love in this direction (build against wine), I would predict a very fast port to Linux, OSX with no big cross-platform maintenance chaos. as well as no real performance penalty, as wine is not an emulator, in contrast, some openGL games run faster on Linux than on windows. Only on the input side, kinect and such, I would see challenges.


Wine or Linux version would be super! This will open new horizons.


Thanks for posting your wine adventures.
That would certainly open up some possibilities if 088 could work that way in Finux. :slight_smile:

(Ben S., you are a known troublemaker! :slight_smile:



I’ve had a similar viewpoint - that broadening the developer palette to several more platforms sounds like a lot of maintenance. But there might be an argument for jumping from ‘one ship to another’ and not going back. Houdini had/has some Linux distros. The way co’s are trying to funnel customers towards a simple interaction with a computer … ‘power users’ will naturally gravitate towards linux/unix.

to cod65 : You sound just like me.

Dang: are you a curmudgeony crank too? God help you :slight_smile:

to cod65: I’m - euphemistically speaking - wincurmudgeony crank only.

May the 4th be with you :) 


… Linux seems to get more popular, since Valve started porting their Games and doing some open source stuff for this :slight_smile:

If TouchDesigner had been available on Linux, we would have adopted it sooner, and would happily abandon Windows.

I can see that casual users find a Windows (or more, Mac) app easier, but are they the main profit driver for derivative?


Please do not underestimate the importance of a linux version. I’ve lost multiple days trying to create a stable reproducable production setup on windows. I’ve done this before on linux without any problems. I can literally create an ubuntu boot usb stick, which install a complete kiosk perfectly everytime. I’m not even able to restore a simple windows backup back to a normal working state. Working with windows requires an immense amount of trial and error. It’s absolutely great that we now have a working mac version. Let’s go all the way no and go full cross-platform, because for heavy-duty, reproducable, unittestable production setups: windows mean absolute hell.

Just for clarification: I’m literally begging you to support linux. I’m not willing to continue using touchdesigner if I have to constantly watch my kiosk system break, because windows is simply not made for that purpose. Linux is completely customizable to the point that the window manager runs nothing but touchplayer.


Please take this seriously.

Totally agree!

I’ll love to have a linux version since i’ve switched to windows just for TouchDesigner!

So please take it seriously!

Many thanks