List COMP access to 2D Arrays

The Observation

I’m loving me the list COMP and lister widget lately, but there’s an improvement that I think would be really lovely.

Currently you can populate the background of a cell by pointing to a TOP - which is great, and there are some clever ways that you can pack images into your cells with this… some more efficient than others.

For example:
base_asset_selector_v2.tox (43.7 KB)
base_asset_selector_v1.tox (44.3 KB)

The gotcha here is that these approaches still require that you have individual ops to target:

The Request

I’d love to be able to target the index of a 2D texture array (3D Texture TOP set to 2D Array) for this kind of purpose - that allows for all sorts of interesting chaching mechanics that don’t rely on having tons of ops loaded in the network.

There’s a good chance I’m missing something here, and @Ivan might be able to correct me if there’s currently an approach for targeting a 3D texture TOP that I haven’t unearthed yet.

If was going to be really needy, I might also ask that that COMPs generally have the ability to target either a whole TOP, or be able to use a 2D texture Array with an index. :slight_smile: