List COMP customize scrollbar

I wanted to ask if anybody found some way to customize scrollbars in a List COMP?

I think that it’s not possible, but perhaps someone more experienced could give me some advice on how to approach this?

I was thinking about building my own scrollbar maybe and turning the stock scrollbars on List COMP off… Any recipe sombeody could link perhaps? :slight_smile: I’ve tried to rebuild one from some List component in the palette, but man I’ve got lost in it… the TUIK components are still a mystery to me (and so is TScript, which is used in them I think. It uses some odd naming convention, like panelw, screenhm. These parameters I could not find in the Properties window. As I said - completely lost… :slight_smile: )


No direct way to customize listCOMP scrollbars. If you want a start on building scrollbars, go into /sys/TDTox and check out the scrollPanel component. The math is there, but you won’t be able to customize much but colors easily.

@Ivan Would adding scrollbar look options (colour, width, border pars) be a possibility in the latest batch of List COMP/Lister enhancements? These would be incredibly useful, especially since scrollbars currently appear rather light in dark interfaces.

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It has been discussed, just hasn’t bubbled to the top of RFEs yet. I’ll add this post for extra buoyancy

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