List COMP mouse interaction

I’m wanting to create a matrix with some fairly complex interactivity. Columns are channel inputs, rows are parameters, each cell should be editable, some will require drop down menu selections, others typed input, and all should be able to hold at least an ON or OFF state. The List COMP seemed like the job for this, but already it’s seeming a bit limited. I’d like a left select to change the state between ON/OFF which I have working, but I want a right select to open a drop down menu, and as it is it treats any mouse selection the same. Is there a way to change this? Or is there a different COMP I should be thinking about?

What I’m after is a prototype for a spreadsheet-on-steroids that Python will use to program a mixing console by employing a proprietary command set with the cell contents as arguments.

Check out the lister custom component in the palette (UI section) for an example of how to do a bunch of crazy stuff with Python. The extension on that is a beast.

Specifically, when you get a select callback in the listCOMP, you can check the panel state to see which buttons are down: myListCOMP.panel.rselect etc.

For drop-down menus when you press a cell, take a look at the popMenu custom component.