List Widget - Specific Row Color and Custom TOP per Cell

Hey There,

Im using the current List Widget and I would like to know how to set a color per row and a specific TOP per cell.

More concrete:
In my List I have a cell per row called ‘Active’ and in the cell is either a 0 or a 1. I would like to have the rows with ‘Active’ = 0 have a red background color. Additionally instead of having 0 and 1 displayed I would like to choose a TOP accordingly -> Happy Smiley, Not Happy Smiley.

Im checking inside the List colDefine on the wiki but somehow I cant get it off the ground. Any pointers?
Attached is a excerpt of my list showing whats happening.
customlist.tox (38.4 KB)

+1 The list/er widget is confusing as hell.

The list widget (based on has a bit of a learning curve, but is extremely powerful.

To set a specific TOP depending on data, use a * in the colDefine topPath column (docs: … fine_table)

To set a specific color depending on data, you have to use callbacks and there are multiple ways. I recommend this: set the column’s “sourceDataMode” to “color”. Then, in the onConvertData callback, do something like this:

def onConvertData(info):
	for row in info['data']:
		colorCol = 3
		if row[colorCol] == '0':
			row[colorCol] = [0,0,0,255]
			row[colorCol] = [255,0,0,255]

This makes it so whenever the list’s data is refreshed, the column’s 1 or 0 is converted to a color.