listAttributes bind to parameter possible?

I noticed you can bind listAttributes to dependency objects, which is amazing!

Is it also possible to bind to a parameter object, so that I can change parameters and the List COMP updates automatically?

thanks in advance

This is not currently possible.

Only quickly tested this , but it seems I can bind a par to a dependency and bind a listAttribute to the same dependency

Would love to see your test file

here ya go.
bind List and Par to Dict.toe (5.4 KB)

Oh, sure enough! I think there are some cases when dependencies are not set up properly… need to revisit my tests and see why they didn’t work.

Anyway, this is awesome. I think that it should create a dependency when assigning a par directly to an attribute, but it doesn’t seem to. I will go over this with @rob

After talking with Rob, I can confirm that the answer to your question is what you already discovered. You can’t bind a parameter directly to a list attribute. Your method works because tdu.Dependencies have a special relationship with list attributes. We will be fleshing things out and making this more consistent in future builds (but probably not in 10k officials)