Lister "Drop Highlight" param has no effect

build 2019.37030
windows 10

Are your drop callbacks all set up? This is the only time this comes into play. If you want to post an example of what you’re trying to do I can take a look.

Hi Ivan,

I assumed, that it would affect highlighting when dragging rows to re-order them, as well (which would be nice).
At the moment it is hard to see where the get dropped.
Another thing, that it is not easy to see is the help popup of the cells.
Is it possible to change the text size for them?

Best wishes,

Alas, popup help is in C++ and there is no way to control that currently.

You should automatically get a preview line for where rows will be dropped when dragging them. If you’re not, you can post a .toe or .tox and I’ll take a look at why.

Hi Ivan,

thanks for the explanation. The line is shown indeed, it is just hard to see and I think it would make sense to have the “drop highlight” parameter affect this, as well.

I made a post on the whishlist about it: listerCOMP drop highlight and hint text size

Cheers, David

In the configComp ‘define’ table you can change the ‘rowDragColor’ if that helps.

Thanks Ivan, that does help.