lister selection behaviour

[edit: Windows 10, 64-bit build 2019.16600]

I’ve noticed some strange behaviour with the lister comp:

In an example setup: folder DAT -> lister -> SELECTION_DAT

when first connected all works as expected.
When I turn OFF auto define columns and pulse “edit callbalcks”, the next time I select a line item the SELECTION_DAT returns a row ONE ABOVE the one I click on (although the correct one is highlighted in the lister).

To reset I need to turn auto define back ON, pulse edit callbacks and things return to normal.
I can then turn OFF auto define but as soon as I click “edit callbacks” things break again.

Am I an isolated case?

(I will update to latest version in the meantime)


Nice find. Will be fixed in an upcoming build.

Awesome! Thanks Ivan!

[insert “you know I’m something of a scientist myself” meme]