Lister with icons from various font files

Please how would you approach creating a lister, where one column is supposed to be various icons from various font files?

In case the font file would be the same, one could create custom cellLook using Text COMP and somehow make it display variable character (representing the icon).

But what to do if the font is variable too? colDefine DAT doesn’t seem to have an option to set font, so I feel like this isn’t possible? I have tried playing with advanced callbacks but I haven’t managed to find a way around it there. Thanks.

Another tricky problem. I see you are going deep on lister stuff!

If you turn advanced callbacks on, you’ll get an onSetCellText callback. In there, you can get the underlying listCOMP cell attributes via info[‘ownerComp’].cellAttribs[info[‘row’], info[‘col’]. The attributes object has fontFace and fontFile attributes that you can set.

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Yeah, the funny thing is that I just want to do something simple, but it is kinda specific and therefore I feel like hacking lister :smiley:

Aha I haven’t realized I can work directly with List COMP’s cellAttribs, that is great. Thanks for info :slight_smile: