little newyear-gift

hi there
i want to share a little glsl-shader named “matcap”.
those who knows tools like zbrush,mari or mudbox know the look a matcapshader can achive, for the rest, have fun, hope it helps you to make even nicer renderings!
the matcap-sequence is downloadet from the zbrush-page.
is there anyone out there that could help to port an screenspace-motionblur to touch?
or implement the matcap in a monolitic phongshader with fresnel and and…
found some shaders on the web, but my skills are more artistic than coding… sadly to say in that moment, where those guys seems more like magicans what they can do with some lines of code!
and… there are so many feautures i miss in our standart-phong-shader, like fresnel, ways to greate glossy-reflections, paralax-mapping, nice glass and so on!
the hole sop-and shading-part should recive some care, i guess…
would help where i can to push that sooo great piece of software even futher!
anyaway, have fun with the matcap!!
matcap_glsl_touch.rar (7.37 MB)

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Thanks for sharing Luka. When opening this file the image file you used is missing (absolute path to your file on your computer can be seen in the Movie File In TOP). To avoid this, you can use the lock icon on the TOP to lock its contents (at that frame) and then they get saved in the .tox.

thanks Luka. I really appreciate this.


yeah thanks.