Little Planet (Stereographic) Shader

Hello there,

I ported a little planet shader from Panolens.js code: … image.html … cShader.js

This shader was used on a 360 photography workshop I gave on November at Immersphere Fulldome Festival (, and it was a fantastic experience to project and manipulate 360 images inside the inflatable dome in real time. Some pics of the workshop:

I’ve been working with TouchDesigner since 2013, learning a lot with the available video tutorials and forum threads. I’m very glad to share a component with the global community for the first time.

Thanks for your support, Merry Xmas!
littleplanet.tox (1.75 MB)

supernice! thanks for sharing!

Wonderful! Thank you very much!

This is absolutely awesome. Thank you! Send me your bitcoin address, I want to send you a couple of beers.

marlus I know this is an ancient post, but we’re trying to figure out a way to do this with 4K equirectangular video output… live.

Any chance you’d be interested in contracting with us for a sec to get a pipeline going? It’s for an upcoming theater production.