Little VJ Setup

A simple VJ platform especially built for generative content in TouchDesigner. Still in progress and available only in 1920x1080 mode :unamused: . Including some basic VJ effects, clip transitions, custom controls, easy audio controls, selective cooking, layered-style video tracks…

Find any bugs or a strange logic? Well, it is the artist here, not the programmer.
Feel free to improve, optimize and share with the community! Or send me a feedback so I can make it better.

Little_VJ.toe (6.33 MB)


Little VJ

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Thank you so much for sharing this Anna,

I was looking forward to dive into it and get a better understanding of how you handle transitions and layering!

This will be a very useful tool for me to progress! (and make my own)

Version 1280x720…
Little_VJ.1280.toe (4.78 MB)

Thanks for the share!

Thanks for sharing. You inspired me and I started working on my video player.

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Thanks so much for sharing!! I have a question to anyone reading, I downloaded this project but my computers are lagging so much trying to get around the project, I have Mac Pro and macbook so I know I am in huge disadvantage with my graphics cards, but just wondering if anyone else had trouble with this project?

Anna, what kind of computer do you have? I am planning to make the switch to PC but there’s plenty of options out there, trying to get an idea of what kinda power I would need to be able to run setups like yours or if I would want to build my own

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