Live Camera Match on a slider, real-time or preposted

Hi what are you guys using to match/track a live camera into TD? In this case for an accurately repeatable camera translation (but not orientation which will different each time)? Real camera on motorized slider driven per frame by TD.

I have a motorized slider I can drive from TD to mount camera on. Was just going to eye match the virtual TD camera to post/rot/lens for first position of live camera, and then math Fit the relative position along the slider between the real camera and TD camera. Or just pre-track in Nuke or blender etc and import as FBX for first frame then use the slider fit done earlier.
Is there a faster way to match to live cam like with print of a checkerboard in TD, even just for one frame?

The kinect calibrate I’ve used in the past appears only for matching in projection. I don’t have a Vive, but I’ve played around with the amazing ZIGCAM app for virtual cam, but it’s not going to work accurately for camera matching real world camera on slider to TD camera even for the quick presentation version of this project.