Live performance with two computers

Hi everyone,

I want to know if is it possible my output projector screen appears in another computer in another country, I would really love to learn this .
And another question is: Do second computer need Touchdesigner with a license ?
we talk about this topic

thanks for your replies!!

You don’t necessarily need TouchDesigner on the other computer, but if you do use TD on the other computer and need it to be higher res than 1280 (or if you’re making money off this, obviously) then you would need a license.

For a non TD solution, you could send your TD output (with Syphon / Spout) to something like OBS to stream over the internet to some other software on the other computer, like maybe VLC.

Also there’s SRT and the WebRTC functionality in the Video Stream Out TOP of newer TD builds: SRT - Derivative which can be received by some software, including TD. It does not look like you need a license to receive WebRTC in TD, but you would need it to send.

As a last resort, you could just do a video call with Googel Meet, Zoom, Skype, or MS Teams and then just share your TD’s perform window…

Thank you for your reply!
and thank you for the Ideas, I didn’t know about them !

At first I will connect two laptops as network connection.(maybe ?!)

I’m thinking SRT and the webRTC solution is the best but I should first try it out .
I don’t think zoom and skype is perfect idea. it send and receive data late for a few seconds and video audio doesn’t match!

I’m willing to operate on my laptop with commercial TD.
I want to receive their music (from second laptop ) on my TD and send visual to their projection !