Live Video Trail?


I’ve used Max/MSP before, and as a non-tech (I’m an artist) I’m hoping TouchDesigner is easier for the following new project requirement.

Can someone advise if it’s possible to create a live video trail, and how easy/complex that we be for someone like myself? I am also open to hiring someone to do the following for me.

Basically, I’d like to use a live video feed (from a camcorder or digital camera with video capability), and get the image to stay on the screen for variable durations (5secs to 30secs). I wouldn’t be recording, rather using the video camera as a live image source. I’d like the video images to overlay themselves. The goal is to project the live video trails.

Any advice is appreciated.

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You could start exploring with a feedback top.

In level’s / post / put your opacity at 0.95
In level’s / pre / put you black level at 0.02

In composite try different blend mode (over will work)

Good luck

There is also in the Palette under ImageFilters > Feedback a feedback example to get you started. When working with feedback you often need some alpha in your input source and you can create alpha channel easily with Chroma Key TOP or Reorder TOP.

Hello, Zinha! I’m trying to do the same experiment for a discipline at uni, but I can’t find any proper information about live video trail. I found trails done with a particular form or video file, but not with webcam input. Could you do it after all? If so, how did you use feedback?