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Hello guys! This was asked a few years ago, but it wasn’t clearly answered, so I’ll re-do it.

I’m an artist using Touch Designer for the first time for an artwork. Basically, I’d like to use my webcam image (as an input) and project on screen the trail of the movements captured (as an output). My goal is to make a person “draw” his/her movement on screen with luminescent objects in a dark environment. I wouldn’t be recording it, rather using the webcam as a live image source. The goal is to project the trails, almost like a motion blur effect.

I tried using Time Machine TOP but the trail doesn’t last on the screen. Also tried to use Cache TOP but - again - very subtle effect (I don’t know if I did it the right way though). A lot of people recommend to try Feedback TOP but my attempts didn’t work out at all :frowning:

My goal is to finish it tomorrow, so any advice is highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

If you’re going for something like this:


Here’s a two part solution:
a) simple chroma key that can isolate bright objects in a video feed of a black room
b) feedback loop with a fade to create a slowly fading trail

trail.toe (12.3 KB)

let me know if I get an A from your prof :stuck_out_tongue:

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