Load External Tox, but keep existing Binds & References

Hey, I’ve got a custom base that I’m using throughout my project in at least 14+ places and each one has references + binds on its custom parameters. I’ve made an update to the base by adding a new custom parameter to it and I’m hoping to be able to swap out the base in all the locations, but keep all the existing references + binds and wire connections.

I tried using the external.tox and Re-Init the network, but that breaks all the references / binds. (this makes sense because only the externalized tox’s references are saved).

A potential work around I’m thinking about is using an OP find, saving all the parameter data w/ getParInfo, externalizing all the bases to the same .tox, re-initng the network and then applying back the parameters w/ applyParInfo.

Any Pointers here? I’m hoping there’s a simpler solution.


Update with a potential solution. I’m still curious if there’s an easier way:

With the attached Copy_and_Apply_Par_Info.tox put in the name of the reused component (you should see a list of them displayed). In the example file I had 4 reused components called test, test1, test2, test3, so in the Name I used test* to get a reference to all of them.

  1. Hit Capture ParInfo to cache all the references + binds.
  2. Update the custom parameters of your component and save it as a .tox
  3. Manually select all the your custom components, In the Common Tab, set External .tox to the path of the .tox you just saved.
  4. Still in the Common Tab click the Re-Init Network button
  5. Back in the Copy_and_Apply_Par_Info tox click the Pluse for Apply Par Info.
  6. Select all the custom components and delete the path to the set External .tox in the Common Tab

All the custom components should be updated with your new parameter and should still have the same wires, binds and references. :slight_smile:

Copy_and_Apply_Par_Info.tox (2.2 KB)

Example File
Example.toe (5.4 KB)

I believe that if you go the external TOX route, de-selecting “reload custom parameters” toggle will allow you to retain the state of existing parameters upon reload/re-init, there could be some caveats when adding new ones though… i could be wrong with regard to modes other than constant mode, but give it a try!

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Maybe you’d be better off externalizing a clone master, and pushing new parameters as needed?

Yess thank you! this worked seamlessly! I can’t believe I missed that toggle