Loading in FBX files

I am unable to load in FBX files to the newest version of Touch. Was trying to load a rigged character, but can not even load any FBX files successfully. Files I used to be able to load into earlier versions of Touch. Has something changes for loading FBX files into Touch 2020.22.80?

What method are you using to import? The FBX COMP should be used, not the old Import File dialog. You can also drag-drop the FBX file onto the network and it will automatically create an FBX COMP and import the file.

Actually it seems fbx files load in perfectly, even character animations if you drag and drop them. I just have no luck using the FBX COMP or the import file. Anyway happy that I can drag and drop them in- very convenient!

The FBX COMP requires you to pulse the Import parameter to start the import process. Drag-drop will run a script that creates an FBX COMP with the dropped file, then pulses the Import parameter. When you tried the FBX COMP prior to drag-dropping did you pulse import it after changing the file parameter?