Local variable reference Bug

Build : experimental 2019.10280
OS : Windows 10 x64 update

Hi, i’ll attach the toe file where i find a bug about the local variable using a slider, i notice that it is not present in stable build 2018.27550.64-Bit.

But maybe it is anyway useful for you know it.
Local reference bug.toe (4.13 KB)

Thanks for the nice example.
We’re having a look.

Hi all, bringing this topic back to life because I’m having the exact same problem, but on build 2020.22080 – checked Alaghast’s file & it corresponds exactly to what I’m doing.

I saw on older posts that the bug had been noticed & fixed (some 2018 version was mentioned).
Fairly new to TD, am I missing something? or is the bug still around?


Thanks @samuel.eckb, we get the programmers to take another look at this.