Logic CHOP not working properly (On Value Change)

Hi there,
I’m having a little problem with the Logic Chop.

I am using it to trigger a loading animation in TD via OSC (when any button on my OSC interface is pressed).
Therefore, I merged all of my OSC In channels and connected them to a “On Value Change” Logic CHOP which then triggers the animation. It works fine in a blank TD file, but if I am using it in my larger project file the signal from the OSC In doesn’t reach the Logic. All the CHOPs before the Logic display a signal when a button is pressed, but the Logic itself doesn’t. I am assuming this has something to do with performance as using this setup in an empty file did work?

So, is there any way of giving the OSC In some sort of “delay” so that the signal is held for about a second and therefore “reaches” the Logic CHOP?

Many thanks in advance for any tip! :slight_smile:

are you dropping frames in your production file? If yes, then the issue might be that the “on value change” converts your channels into a single frame pulse that either gets lost in the logic or in the reference to the speed CHOP.

First I would try a trail after the logic CHOP and see if you get the pulses on value change.

How are you using the channel in the speed ? To reset ? If so, I would try using it directly in the speed CHOPs second input

Ps: you can also test these in an empty file and simulate high CPU load via a hog CHOP

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Using the trail after the logic showed pulses on value change.
And yes, you’re right. I’ve been using the logic to reset the speed channel. So using it in the second input did the trick! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Oh and I didn’t know about the hog CHOP either. That is so good to know, thanks.