Logitech mice and the middle mouse button click.

Besides zooming around networks and in 3D viewer, the middle mouse button also gives you an info box about any node by middle-clicking on it. It also brings up the value-ladder when you middle-click on a parameter.

When using a Logitech mouse with LogiTech’s SetPoint software installed, you often get the zooming behavior when you are trying to open a node’s info box or a parameter’s value ladder. To fix it, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Setpoint Settings dialog.
  2. Select the Middle-mouse button or wheel, and set it’s task to Other.
  3. In the “Select Other Task” dialog, choose Middle Button.
  4. Apply the settings and close the dialog.


THanks ben!

I’d resigned myself to putting up with it (lucky there’s a middle button on my laptop touchpad) but now I am empowered once more!

happy chinese new year to you!