Logitech X56 Rhino HOTAS Flight Stick

Hello! I just got a Logitech X56 Rhino HOTAS Flight Stick for christmas to use for gaming and video jockeying! what an incredible gift! I tried it out with the joystick chop but it doesn’t learn new incoming controls from a joystick the way the midi chop learns new incoming signals from a midi controller so I am not sure how to ingest the thrust and multitudes of other controls on the X56 into TD.

Any ideas on how to ingest the whole gammut of controls from the X56?

Hello @NEWP_Official,

Great gift, enjoy!

I do not have the X56 but I do remember reading that it can be confusing with the drivers that are provided by Saitek and/or Logitech.

I have tested with a T Flight Hotas One and I am able to get all inputs as expected: analogic to numeric values for throttle, axis… etc and 0/1 for all the extra buttons.

The channels are not appearing like on a MIDI CHOP, but the data should still go through. I had to edit the Button Array size of the Joystick CHOP to accommodate for all those extra buttons.

Could you maybe play around with the 3 arrays? Button Array, Pov Hat Array, Pov Hat State Array…

Hope it helps!

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Hi Michel,

that totally helped! found the Rhino under the Device options and extended the b[1-6] range to b[1-32] (seemingly max number of button inputs?) and located all my buttons, pots, and joysticks! this will be exciting

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