Lonely houston TD user

hey I’m a TD user from Houston TX
been at it for 7 years, worked for google ,nasa, c3 etc.

looking for collaborators and friendz 3:


Hi there!

I am a graphic designer from Madrid and I’ve started this year learning some Arduino and also Touchdesigner. I am passionated about this software, even if I don’t know it very well yet, but I am learning fast.

It would be great to collaborate somehow with someone like you, that already have actual professional experience. It would be great in order to stablish some goals and projects with TouchDesigner, not only watching tutorials and practicing. If you ever have any idea on your mind about a collaboration with a beginner, it would be great to work with/for you. I only want to learn and keep improving, and who knows, maybe someday I might be doing this for a living.

However, nice to meet you. There are a lot of really, really cool projects on your website. An inspiration.

Keep it up!! Cheers!