long cooks in a ui widget

I’m just looking at my own network (don’t use /ui although I believe /ui is used by Touch itself)

my biggest cook in the perf monitor is /ui/dialogs/change_op_type/button_panel1/value_field/value_field/bg (TOP:text)

.538 ms

Admittedly I’ve got nothing going on in my toe file right now hence that’s the biggest cook. Still, since I’m deploying a new strategy, I’d like to know why that is, why that /ui text op is cooking and why is it taking so long - just in case it’s caused by something I’m doing.

Any clues?

Text TOPs usually take that long too cook so thats normal (yes, we plan to speed that up).

As to why it’s cooking I’m not sure, the example is in the system.tox you emailed me?

let me just take a look at what’s cooking after I get the next version installed (after it’s released). I need all those extra DAT cooks depending on ch() and other formulas to go away (unless needed). I’ve got too much cooking right now, so after the next version is released I’ll see what’s left that makes or doesn’t make sense


Hey there !
I know it’s a very old post but I ended up here on my research.

I’m using widgets to build my UI. Some of them are labels to feedback info, of particle number in my case.I notice also a heavy impact of labels on performance. I used a beat CHOP to update my label every X seconds which, at least, save some frame.

Another side effect. If you download example file of this tutorial (https://youtu.be/lg7ZWJrAWHk), display field to a knob and move it as fast as you can, I drop around 15 FPS.

So, am I doing something wrong or is it already known limitation ?
Is there another lighter way to display label in UI without being too time consuming ?

I’m still a beginner in TD so maybe my questions are obvious :smiley: