Lookat when using instances


Is there a way to have instances look at the camera (Just like the lookat option in the copy sop)?


hm couldn’t the object CHOP do this for you?

i can, but i don’t get the exact same behavior. The lookat option in the copy SOP is more “stable”. In the attached file, all is good as long as the lookat target is at y = 0. If you change y channel in /project1/setLookAt_Position then the white (point SOP based lookat) and red squares (instances) are aligned differently

Any ideas how to make the instanced version behave the same as the copy SOP version?
instanceLookAt.toe (5.26 KB)

There is a new Rotate to Vector option in the Instancing coming in the next build. You can use this by subtracting the camera position from the instance position to get the lookat vector.

great. looking forwrd to try it. thx!

can’t you guys just hard code the lookat function (similar to the copy sop with rotated to normal) rather than forcing us to perform some calculations?


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One could argue that the nomenclature is ambiguous here considering a vector should have a magnitude. Having a lookat x,y,z makes sense.