looking for a simple relay controller

Sure! No problem.

You’ll need to install the phidget python module and point TD toward the 64bit python module path of course.

The parameters are pretty straight forward, you’ll just need to enter the serial number of the device and choose the correct Hub Port and Channel. If you have it connected to a usb VINT hub you’ll want to make sure the “Remote Device” toggle is off. That’s only for use with the SBC4. Once you have the parameters set correctly, use the “Open Channel” pulse to connect.

The HUB Port Device parameter should be off if you’re using a VINT relay module. That switch is for connecting a digital out directly to the hub port.

Just wanted to say a little more about this: We have used every option listed on this thread and have decided that Phidgets are by far the best choice. I’ve had plenty failures with ESPs, Teensys, Arduinos, Raspberry PIs, Pi Plates, and a few other serial relays. Never once have we had to replace a Phidget on a job. Some of our Phidgets have been running for +1year on permanent installations.

In addition to that, the setup time is non-existent. Their products are plug and play there is no soldering/coding/pulling-hair-out needed. Most products are even fitted with screw terminals. We have a tox file for almost every product of theirs and use them on virtually every job we do.

The product design is very well thought through, their software is wonderful, and their price points are very reasonable. We keep a fully stocked cabinet of their products and have pretty much given away most of the other devices we have used in the past.

For me and the rest of the crew at VT, Phidgets are the definitive answer.
digitalOutputPhidget.tox (1.89 KB)