Looking for help with the Dobble Algorithm

Hey people,

I am looking for help with implementing a python script into touchdesigner.
Dobble is a card game where there are 8 symbols on every card and each card has just one symbol in common. There are 57 Cards and 50 symbols.

I found a code online to generate the cards but i want to implement the script in touchdesigner, so i can place my own symbols on the cards and make a personal set of cards.
Unfortunatly I have very little experience with coding.
So I am reaching out to the community. Maybe some one has a solution or can help me with some hints!

This is the script:
from random import shuffle

#List of symbols used in the game Dobble (Spot It! in the US)
symbols = [“Anchor”,“Apple”,“Bomb”,“Cactus”,“Candle”,“Carrot”,
“Cheese”,“Chess knight”,“Clock”,“Clown”,“Diasy flower”,“Dinosaur”,
“Dolphin”,“Dragon”,“Exclamation mark”,“Eye”,“Fire”,“Four leaf clover”,
“Ghost”,“Green splats”,“Hammer”,“Heart”,“Ice cube”,“Igloo”,“Key”,
“Ladybird”,“Light bulb”,“Lightning bolt”,“Lock”,“Maple leaf”,“Milk bottle”,
“Moon”,“No Entry sign”,“Orange scarecrow man”,“Pencil”,“Purple bird”,
“Purple cat”,“Purple dobble sign”,“Question Mark”,“Red lips”,“Scissors”,
“Skull and crossbones”,“Snowflake”,“Snowman”,“Spider”,“Spider’s web”,
“Sun”,“Sunglasses”,“Target”,“Taxi”,“Tortoise”,“Treble clef”,“Tree”,
“Water drop”,“Dog”,“Yin and Yang”,“Zebra”]

#The number of symbols on a card has to be a prime number + 1
numberOfSymbolsOnCard = 8 #(7 + 1)
shuffleSymbolsOnCard = False

cards = []

#Work out the prime number
n = numberOfSymbolsOnCard - 1

#Total number of cards that can be generated following the Dobble rules
numberOfCards = n**2 + n + 1 #e.g. 7^2 + 7 + 1 = 57

#Add first set of n+1 cards (e.g. 8 cards)
for i in range(n+1):
#Add new card with first symbol
#Add n+1 symbols on the card (e.g. 8 symbols)
for j in range(n):

#Add n sets of n cards
for i in range(0,n):
for j in range(0,n):
#Append a new card with 1 symbol
#Add n symbols on the card (e.g. 7 symbols)
for k in range(0,n):
val = (n+1 + nk + (ik+j)%n)+1

#Shuffle symbols on each card
if shuffleSymbolsOnCard :
for card in cards:

#Output all cards
i = 0
for card in cards:
line = str(i) + " - ["
for number in card:
line = line + symbols[number-1] + ", "
line = line[:-2] + “]”