Looking for people in Germany, meet and share Knowledge!

Hey there! I started few month ago to experiement with touchdesigner and i became addicted :smiley: now i am looking for people wich share the same interest.

Are there anyone in Germany, Bremen? But also Hannover and Hamburg? I would like to have a workgroup just to share our knowledge and teach each other or doing our own projects :slight_smile:

Best greetings from Bremen!

I am interested and also froh Bremen. Did send you a pm.

I’m in Berlin. If you swing through let me know and I’m down to meet up. Here’s some of my work.

Only know two other TouchDesigner people here personally. Thanks for reaching out!

I will be back in Berlin mid october if anyone wants to do a meet and greet? Or just a TD get together :slight_smile:

We are also in Berlin!


Hey guys,

I will move to Hamburg by end of May and want to start a meetup (Stammtisch) for creative coders, artists and everyone who is into this stuff. Would be nice to create a small community in this area of Germany and exchange ideas.

All the best

If anyone is ever in cologne drop me a note

I’m also living in Berlin and interested in a touch meet up or the like. Good idea!


Here in Berlin as well, happy to meet up or something. :slight_smile:


Hey TDeutschland,

will be back in Berlin after June and would love to meet up!

Stefan / MXZEHN

YAY! :smiley: count me in!

I think it is a very good idea to establish a workgroup for sharing knowledge, supporting us and work together on projects.

Unfortunately there are only very few people around Hamburg dealing with generative and innovative media applications in general.

I am looking forward to your response

Ich bin in Berlin!
SO really close to Hamburg

we are organising TouchDesigner workshops and a monthly community meetup in Berlin.
We are very open to take our workshop modules to Hamburg or other cities if you know a place that could host us… (last month we were hosted by Studio TISH in Munich).
https://mxav.net/workshops … more coming soon!
Stefan / MXZEHN