Looking for TD Internship in Toronto

Hello There,

My name is Jun Li, a graduate student study in Digital Futures at OCAD University and l currently live in Toronto, Canada. l have experience using it for 2+ years in addition to crafted my projects applying it. I aim to create several opportunities and connections to promote the learning of TD. I’m looking for studios in Toronto that have the opportunities to work with TD.

I’m obsessed with emerging technology and profoundly interested and specialized in the interactive system/installation production. Most of my works frequently within the intersection of art, technology and interaction.

My time is flexible at your convenience. I’d be super excited to have a video call with you if you had time. Currently, work experience and developing skills in TD are my priorities. l intend to help you by bringing my expertise to the table. You can check my website for more information about me.

Website: www.junli.art
Email: leelijun961118@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Jun Li