LookingGlass Display

Just wanted to let the TD community know that we’re working on a TD integration for the LookingGlass holographic display (matthew@besidedigital.com

Very cool!

Just a quick update: this is fully working. We will be formally releasing during our workshop at the TD Summit but we are looking for a few beta testers before then. If you have a LookingGlass and would like to try out the integration please email me at matthew@besidedigital.com.

Nice! just sent you an e-mail, would love to help beta test.

For future purposes: github.com/besidedigital/lookingglassTD

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Will this work with the new portrait version display?

We don’t have access to the new version of the LG to test with and this will not work with it out-of-the-box. That being said, my understanding is that the core rendering methodologies haven’t changed so it likely wouldn’t be difficult to add support to the TD plugin. The project is open source and members of the TD community are encouraged to create a pull request or branch our work and expand on it.