lookup TOP / Ramp

I’m probably missing something very obvious here, but it’s driving me nuts.

I’m following Matthew Ragan’s 2015 youtube tutorial for making a simple audio meter.

I’m putting a CHOPto (of an audio volume) and a ramp into a lookup.

Matthew just plugs both into the lookup, and gets flashing colours, as the value of the CHOPto corresponds to points along the colour ramp.

When I plug in the ramp to the lookup, I get a solid white display on the lookup, as if the colour ramp is pushing everything to 1.

I’ve fixed every setting in the ramp and lookup to be as identical to the tutorial, but I do notice Matthew’s ramp displays a b&w spectrum in its preview display, even when he’s dialled in colours on the ramp.
Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 12.56.07.jpg

I think you have to set the Data Format option to Legacy in your CHOPtoTOP within your base.

Take a look at Matt Regan’s github: github.com/raganmd/TD-Examples/ … dioViz.toe