Looper TOX + Example TOE

After helping with some Cache TOP related questions on the Facebook group, I realized I couldn’t find any simple looper examples and decided to make one.

I’ve uploaded a looper.tox file that takes a TOP input for video capture and a CHOP input as a record signal. Video is cached using a Cache TOP and automatically scrubbed through with LFO CHOPs.

The looper has several custom parameters under its Looper page:

Record – toggle on to capture a loop. Once toggled off, the loop will automatically play back according to the Loop Mode.

Cache Size – linked directly to the Cache TOP’s cache size parameter. This will determine the maximum length of your loop. Larger cache size equates to more GPU memory usage.

Loop Mode – there are three loop modes: Normal plays the loop straight through, Ping-Pong (Eased) plays back and forth in a sinusoidal fashion, and Ping-Pong (Linear) plays back and forth at constant speed.

Loop Speed – loop playback speed.

Interpolate – linked directly to the Cache TOP’s interpolate parameter. This will interpolate the video for smoother playback at slow speeds.

Mono (Reduce GPU Mem) – this will set the input video texture pixel format to 8-bit fixed (Mono) in order to reduce GPU memory usage.

Save – click to save your loop as a HAP Q encoded video file.

File Name – give your exported file a name before saving.

My personal aim was to implement most of it in CHOPs, and I tried to comment thoroughly to aid anyone learning or wanting to hack it. You’ll also find a multi_looper.toe file with an example of multiple looper modules being simultaneously used.

Hope this is helpful! Feedback encouraged.
looper.tox (5.77 KB)
multi_looper.toe (12.1 KB)


Nice work, thanks for sharing!

Thanks Ben!

When I fire this up, no video will play. I get a line of text that is to low resolution to read. I’m too noob to figure this out. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Was it the looper.tox or the multi_looper.toe that gave you trouble?
Can you copy and paste the error message you’re getting?
Also, are you on Mac or Windows? I tested for both, but I had to change a few things on the Video Device In TOP to get it working for Mac.
If you hit escape and enter network editor mode, does the Video Device In TOP have a red X on it?

I did not have time to look at it before but this looks like a really useful and fun tox, nice job!

Quick tests, did not see any ‘real’ error on either file.

Had to change the device in that was giving an error for the multi_looper, but thats expected.
(i’m on macos 99 build 5540)

Thanks for sharing!

thank you! such a useful component in some cases. and super helpful to see the logic of the contruction. Many thanks

Awesome! Thanks