Looping Noise Part 2: Infinite Tunnel Zoom - 2022-08-16 14:50

Looping Noise Part 2: Infinite Tunnel Zoom

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Hi, I’m new to Touchdesigner. I’ve watched your tutorial and tried to follow them. It’s great and amazing! But I have a question to ask. In the tutorial, you added an instance to torus’s geo to create several of them (torus). So, is there any way I can put circles on the torus’s points? (I mean after all steps from the tutorial, I want to create more circles and put them on the torus’s points.) Thanks in advance for any help. I really like your video :smile:
P.S. Sorry for bad grammar. I hope it’s still understandable.

You can change the instanced geometry to any other geometry, so using Circle SOPs as the instanced geometry should copy them to all the torus points if the torus is the template. I haven’t reviewed the tutorial specifically, maybe @polyhop would have other suggestions.

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@ben Thank you for your suggestion :smile:, I haven’t tried to follow your suggestion yet because I’m confused about what the template is (do you have any example file or tutorial about it?) But I’ve tried by myself, I tried to add one more Circle SOPs geometry and I dragged the previous torus to “Default Instance OP” in the parameter of Circle SOPs geometry (I’ve attached a screenshot) but it’s not copied to all the torus points. It still doesn’t work. I’ve to find other ways and I’ll have to go see about the template as you suggest. Thank you.

@mcmuntho - I think the issue is that you can’t instance a set of instances (I wish you could, but it won’t work!) I think @ben was suggesting using a copy SOP, which has a template input (input 2) where you can copy another SOP at each point. You could also simply use a copy SOP to arrange your circle SOP as you’d like. Two examples are in the attached .toe copySOP example.toe (4.6 KB)

You’ll connect the output of your copy SOP into the geo COMP that is currently instancing your torus SOP, so in the case of your network above connect it to “geo1.” Hopefully this helps!


@polyhop - It works! Sorry for the late reply. I took a long break from this project, but I just came back to fight with it again following your suggestion and what I found is that it works! I created a network like in the screenshot you made and connect it to geo. Here is the result.

Thank you for your suggestion (this project is a part of my thesis). and I would also like to thank @ben too. I really appreciate it. It’s very helpful. Thank you :smile: