Looping Noise with Feedback & Displacement TOP

So I just recently learned how to loop the Noise TOP so it seamless replays, however, the technique used to do this doesn’t translate well down the chain. I have a feedback loop driven by Displacement TOP which I would like to loop in as well.

My goal is to have the displacement keep the same “scale” of the noise. The issue is that the longer it plays, the more washed out the noise becomes.

Any idea how to achieve this? Project file download below.

LavaFloor.2.toe (5.8 KB)

Hi @nickardiamond,

the Feedback TOP works such ways that it takes as input an initial image and going forward grabs the image of the specified Target TOP. Hence anything happening upstream in your setup is ignored and the noise slowly washes out.
So what you might want is that the Displace TOP always receives a “fresh” input (from the Noise TOP) and the feedback only effects the second input of the Displace TOP like this:

Alternatively you could also keep feeding fresh data by appeding a Cross TOP to the Feedback and using the original Noise as a second input there:


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You’re the man! I knew it had to be a simple fix and I was just missing it.

Thank you for taking the time to explain.