Lost creating ui drop down menu and file selection


I feel like this would be simple if I new Python but I am lost as to how to populate a unmenu and select files. I am trying to create a simple UI to choose a file to populate a drop down menu then each drop down menu item needs to select to different files from a folder to populate a table :-/

I have attached an example .toe to hopefully show what I am trying to do.
script select.toe (26.7 KB)

I made progress but got stuck where I know I need python. I’d like to skip a file. So, every other file to populate the menu labels
menu script selectM1.toe (69.5 KB)

This is a better example of why I want to do this
menu script selectM1 v2.toe (53.4 KB)

I can probably help you with this, but I’d need your folder of scripts to see exactly what you’re trying to do. Can you send me a ZIP of an example setup? Post here or send directly to ivan@derivative.ca

Here are some test examples. I would like to create an easy to use interface for someone who is not familiar with touch designer. I would like to have drop down menu where you choose the name of the author for example and it automatically loads 2 tables with ScriptA and ScriptB.

Scripts test.zip (4.0 KB)

Here’s something closer to what I think you’re looking for:
menu script selectM1 v2.9.toe (96.6 KB)

You probably have to repoint to your script folder when you load it

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Cool. thanks! I knew it would be something obvious like that. So many TOPs, CHOPs, SOPs, DATs and MATs to learn. :slight_smile:

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