Low FPS with no OPs, but minimum requirement are satisfyied

I bought a geekom MiniAir 11 (a mini pc) to drive a small ledstrip installation, that interact with wheather and clock. It’s like a blurry animated picture on the wall so i need a super thin and small pc.
It have a bit better than the minimum requirement, it have to generate contents in a res of 60x25 pixel,
really there are few tops and a lot of chops… so I was shure it was able to… but not.
The problem is that the empty network run at 20 fps, with any operator into. f…k
I was thinking to continue this topic, where the guy asks about vulkan or older version… now I try to download the v2021 and I’ll update the posts if something change
otherwise should be better to have a dedicated topic.

my new mini pc is this one:
Grafica Intel® UHD 605
Support 2 display 4K UHD
11a Gen Intel Quad-Core Celeron N5095
8gb ddr4
so… not a real slug, i thought.

can you please explain me why touchdesigner won’t run properly? not even empty?
any suggestion about the cheapest and smallest pc on the market that can drive a simple (but with tops) installation will be suuuuper appreciated.
I really don’t understand why a raspberry with puredata can do that stuff, and this one with td not…
thanks a lot

yoooo with the v2021, without vulkan, TD runthe first example at 60 FPS.
now i check for my project how it works