Lowest Latency SDI I/O Card for TD in 2024

Hello TD experts

I usually deal with disguise servers for a living, and will be building a couple of TD machines to use alongside them for an upcoming project.

I’m looking for the lowest latency (in TD) PCI SDI card with 1,2 or 4 3G inputs (1080p@60)

This project does not need 4K/12G, but up to 4x3G inputs would be good.

I’m also interested in cards with 3G SDI outputs too, and whether the output latency would be better or worse than going straight out of the GPU on HDMI and converting to SDI.

AJA, Bluefish and Deltacast seem to be the options, but which would you go for?

Thanks for any advice!



AJA and Deltacast would be the ones I suggest. I’m not sure which is the lower latency though. It’ll be about 1 frame difference between the two I’d expect at most though.

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