LTC timecod transformation to MTC timecod

Hello, please help me how to transform the LTC timecode to MTC … and send it to a MIDI emulator (Loop Midi)

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I’m not very familiar with MTC but from this link:

Looks like the first step is breaking each channel up into 2 parts:

"The data byte of the QFM is encoded like this: (0 x x x y y y y) the x bits indicate which part of the message you are looking at, and the y bits are either the low four or upper three bits of the numbers we want. The coding is like this:

xxx yyyy

0 Least significant 4 bits of frame number

1 Most Significant bits of frame

2 LSb of seconds

3 MSb of seconds

4 LSb of minutes

5 MSb of minutes

6 LSb of hours

7 MSb of hours"

So begin by selecting each channel, and running it through an Expression CHOP, then merging the results.

To grab lower 4 bits, expression in the Expression CHOP would be:

int(me.inputVal) & 0x0F

To grab upper 3 bits, expression in the Expression CHOP would be:

(int(me.inputVal) >> 4) & 0x07

From there, rename the channels to be used in a MIDI Out CHOP.


I think I tried to implement this years ago. This is the closest I got, but I don’t have any device that receives MIDI Timecode right now to test it.

Actual MIDI Timecode.toe (5.7 KB)

Also because I sucked a lot more 3 years ago, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work if the project was not set to 30FPS.

Hello, I also tried to do it for MTC to LTC translation, I post my test but is a little bit old and there is many problems with MTC, not very stable, not very precise and many other problems.
On mac you have two software who do that easely:
with that that its very easy to do the translation, on windows there is some but I doesnt tested them.
Why do you need MTC? When I need to slave TD to sound, I prefer to put a track with LTC in my audio software, send the LTC via audio (preferably via ADAT from soundcard to soundcard or looping on the same soundcard) and interpret LTC in TD. I have done that for a performance and it was way more reliable compared to MTC.
MTC.toe (5.5 KB)

Thanks for helping my problem in the fact that one of the programs works only with the MTC time code that I can only send through another program (the doorn) and the other only with LTC and

There is also some hardware device to do it. I have one on my desk, dating from dv time… The name is Rosendhal LIF, it have a LTC sound input and a midi (old style) output. It works flawlessly, perhaps you can find used one.
I gave up the TD project but with my project and Peeet one, you can build something working.
I made some research and there is also some things available on windows:

Good afternoon this toy almost helped me … but there is a problem, I will try to send a photo

it seems to me that he should send only output signal

Works fine for me. I even see you have GrandMA2 OnPC running at the bottom of your screen there, which is why I made this MTC TOE file myself. If I use Bome’s MIDI translator to pipe the output of TouchDesigner to the input of MA2 OnPC, it works fine out of the box for me.

So I would say it looks like you have something routed wrong. If you are doing more with MIDI than just sending timecode, make sure you’re not routing MTC back into TouchDesigner using Bome’s MIDI Translator or something.

If you’re not using MIDI Input into TouchDesigner then you can just set the MIDI input device in MIDI Mapper Dialog to “none”


Hey Peeet!

Can you please explain how you got this working, I cannot get it to output midi…