LTCOutCHOP add Input

At the moment, the conversion between Seconds/Frames of a masterplayback like Timer/TImeline to LTC is a little cumbersome and feels “Hacky”. I first have to set the ResetToggle to always on, and then feed it the differrent values (hh:mm:ss:ff) calculcated by hand. This is not much of a hurdle but feels like a hack and not the intendet way.
Idealy we could get an input at the LTCOutChop that will be used as the position instead of having to go the weird way around the parameters.

I’m curious what format you would expect the input to take. :thinking:

Since LTC is an audio signal, I would assume that any conventional 60hz channel data would need to be interpolated somehow. Are you envisioning sort of a mathCHOP type range conversion where the values of an input channel are remapped to the 24hr LTC time domain?

@flowb I think he means just supplying it with a frame number to directly control the LTC Out index instead of the way it currently plays forward from the start time.

We do have a bunch of timecode work coming for the next experimental, this sort of approach should be easier to setup with those features.

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Frames or seconds for example.
I wrote a simple scriptCHOP doing the conversion for me, so nothing impossible, just a little QOL Improvement :slight_smile:

@ben Looking forward to it :slight_smile: