Thx for that Keith :exclamation:


Thank a lot for that jewel.

Finally i did open a node and tha second monitor got fill with some image… not that one which i trigger but finally i saw something in a output monitor.

I just tryng from a non-commercial licenced 099 TD, and i must to supossed that there exist some restriction using Luminosity?

Hello, there are no restrictions with Luminosity itself.

If you use the none commercial version of TD then you’ll be restricted it’s limitations.


It looks like Luminosity uses Shared Mem Out CHOP which isn’t supported in the non-commercial version. I get red/blue checkerboards inside each of my channels.

Shared mem isn’t used when LM is in internal mode. See Project Settings to change from Local to Internal mode.


Hi Keith,

Just starting to get my head around luminosity, thanks for sharing it, it looks amazing!

Why would I only have 1 clip channel available to me? I can’t seem to increase the number of channels in the project setup. that box is greyed out… is this a non-commercial restriction or a hardware based restriction?

Thanks again


It’s in single channel mode by default. See project settings Channel Mode to change modes.


Hi Keith, the git says “16620 or newer” but I’ve noticed problems with things like effects presets and aux send lists etc on current official build. My guess is that the experimental builds with known list comp bugs have now been promoted to official, but the git still says “or newer”. If I shouldn’t be getting these with current official let me know and I’ll document them.

I’ve just installed 16620 and opening the project brings up a bunch of warnings of unrecognised parameters. Should I try 23760 (the build it tells me it was built in)?

Actually the newest official build send to be working decently.

I just stumbled across this… This is amazing! I’m watching your video and learning as I go.

I’m still a little new to Touch Designer, but I have been a circus performer for many years and want to use this in some projection pieces.

Quick question…I’d like to integrate the kinect into several clips. Of course, the moment I use the kinect in one clip, it won’t let me use it in another because it’s being used in that channel. Is there an easy way I can refer to the kinect data from across all of the clips?

Good to hear.

Yes there is a component called devices inside of database where there are main inputs such as a Kinect where you can select from. There are storage key you can use to select them and they are also hardwired into some of the video sources. Or can just select them manually if that is easier.

Amazing! Thank you. I ran into one more problem and one question.

The problem is that I couldn’t get any effects to turn on. I’d drag in the effect from the browser, I could edit the parameters, but for some reason, the on/off button wasn’t responding to any mouse clicks.

I also can’t click on the “C” to bring up the window (like with presets). It doesn’t respond.

So I updated my Touchdesigner to the latest version (Mine was last updated in Dec). Now it brings up a page full of errors: “Skipping unrecognized parameter” when it first loads. I used a fresh copy of Luminosity (no saves) and it still generated that error.

Do you think perhaps the newer versions don’t fully work? If so, do you happen to know which version it works 100%?

I know you mentioned not wanting to sell this, but would you be willing to take a donation to update the tox to be compatible with the latest version of TD?

Hi Ruvidan it looks like that version of Luminosity was saved in build 2018.16620 . If you install that build it should solve your issues.

Flowtricks I would consider donations.


OK cool. Do you have a paypal address? I’d be happy to donate to help the cause.

Also,I’m not hearing audio playback. Under Windows/Channel Settings, Audio box is active. Volume slider is up. But can’t seem to hear mp3s or audio from video clips. Suggestions?

Make sure the master channel audio is enabled as well then make sure that your audio device is set properly on the audiodeviceoutCHOP inside of devices.

If you like PM and I’ll send you my email. Not sure how soon I’ll be able to work on it though.

New version pushed to Github everyone. You can now run LM in the current official version of TD (2018.27840) without any major issues (hopefully).