M1 Mac Compatibility

I’m new to TD and really enjoying it so far! I’m using it on my M1 Mac and it looks like TD runs using Rosetta. Is there a M1 compatible version coming out soon?

Guessing that because it runs using Rosetta, SOPS like spheres will be quite difficult to use?

The 2021.30000 series of builds will include an arm64 compiled version.
However, SOPs and shaders all work fine on Rosetta. The only thing that’s mainly different on the M1s is that they don’t support geometry shaders (on both Rosetta and native arm64 compile). So that means the Line MAT doesn’t work on M1s, and the arm64 compile doesn’t change that.
In our very quick tests so far, it seems like CPU heavy nodes like SOPs run about 10% faster on the native arm64 compile vs. when running on Rosetta.

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