Mac M3 > any feedback from users?

I’m curious if some of you already have the new macbook pro M3 to get feedback about their use,
regardiing particle GPU management especially …
i know same price PC will make it better but the mac environnement , drivers, péripherals etc…

It will begin arriving to customers, and will be in Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Resellers, starting Tuesday, November 7.

FROM: Apple unveils new MacBook Pro featuring M3 chips - Apple

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Dude, it was announced just yesterday…


yep sorry i noticed it wasn’t out yet after the post… but post is ready for december :wink:

i m gonna try them at the shop if anyone has a patch with lots of things to try to benchmark it
And could do the same on big pc config as a comparison
I m interested!


Up for m3 users?

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Hi ! I am an M3 user and when I try to do a copy paste my app crashes. So I can’t copy paste and it’s really annoying. If you ever have a solution I’m interested!

Hi @Hazlana - this may not be related to the processor. To help us fix the issue, could you check for any TouchDesigner crash reports - open the Console app in /Applications/Utilities, then click Crash Reports in the sidebar. If you attach them here or e-mail them to referencing this forum thread we can take a look.

If you aren’t on the latest version of TouchDesigner then please try in the latest version and let us know how you get on - there was a bug fixed a couple of versions back which could affect copy and paste.

hi there,

I have a MacBook M3 Max with 36 GB, and I haven’t been able to complete even a single project. It crashes every time :frowning: Can you tell me what the reason might be? I should mention that I have the free version for learning purposes. I believe that if I had paid for it and still couldn’t use it, I would be very disappointed.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @mircea_mailat - sorry you’re seeing crashes. Please could you see the steps in my comment above to locate crash reports, and send those to us - then we can look at solving the problem. Thanks!

Hey @mircea_mailat, I have an M3 now and am ready to look at this issue. Can you give more details about how the crashes occur?

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Hi Tom,
there is not much to talk about.
everything is running smoothly till the TD grashes (out of nowhere).

yesterday I got this error (Vulkan Error)
best regards