Mac not recognizing license key dongle

I am on an Intel Mac with all USB C and I can’t get my Commercial license key dongle to be recognized by Touch Designer through a USB hub.

Should this work?

Do you have an up to date Codemeter installed?

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Does that not install with Touch Designer?

I’m a PC person… installing this on a Mac with the drag and drop is very foreign to me… I assumed it installed everything you need like the PC installer does?


I’m honestly not sure, but just something to check

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On macOS you need to install the CodeMeter Runtime manually.

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You were correct - I needed to install Code Meter manually. Thanks for the idea!

I managed to figure it out and you’re correct. I installed CodeMeter and the key dongle worked. I don’t normally do anything high end on a Mac so I was a bit lost with that one. Thank you!

Unfortunately the Mac I had (2015 MBP) can’t handle what I’m throwing at it… The gfx card can’t even output basic noise at 4k smoothly over NDI. It can handle up to dual link (3840x1080 works fine) but anything above that drops the frame rate to ridiculously low levels. Kind of sad. Had to have my 10 year old retired PC laptop shipped to me because the clients fancy Mac machines aren’t up to snuff. I tried to tell them ahead of time but they didn’t believe me.

Thanks for the post!