Macbook Catalina with Enttec DMXIS not working

Hi there

Recently I upgraded my macbook to Catalina. Since then, Touchdesigner sees my Enttec DMXIS but it seems like it can’t send values, it’s not communicating to it. It used to work fine on Sierra. It also does not work on Madmapper anymore. But the dmx interface works smooth using enttec’s DMXIS software.
Does anyone know how to solve this?


I am curious to know more about how to make this work. I started out with Catalina so this didn’t work from the get-go, and I use Ableton Live to programme midis/automations to drive this. But hope to find a way to drive this with TD.

Also: is there VST3 support coming into TD at any point?

Hi there!

I don’t use its MIDI functions actually. I just use it as a regular DMX Interface on Touchdesginer and Madmapper to work with pixel mapping.

Use the DMX out Chop. Select the Enttec Pro device. It usually works but in catalina I’m having this problem.

@herrmidnite Check this page under limitations there is a command you sometimes need to run on macOS to get ENTTEC devices working. Perhaps reinstalling the OS reset this for you:

@nafisislive The MIDI ports on the ENTTEC MarkII are not supported and will not be due to ENTTEC’s very non-standard MIDI implementation. Its unfortunate that they did it like this but we’d have to write completely custom support just for this device to get its MIDI going.

Hi Ben. Thanks for your response on the matter. Coincidentally, I was able to run dmxis through the help of a Friend. You just can’t run multiple instances of that enttec app. I’m using the mk2 USB config for it.
It’s strange that there’s no single standard system for this from enttecs end…

Hey Ben. Thanks for your reply. It’s working again. Thanks!