MacBook Pro + Kinect v2

Hi everyone, I’ve got a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017), 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7. I also am borrowing a friend’s Kinect V2. I am wondering if anybody knows of a library I can use in order to connect my macbook to my Kinect and thus to touchDesigner? If anyone can point me in the right direction of how to setup a kinect v2 for touchDesigner on a mac, I’d be so incredibly grateful.


Hi @wolfson,

I don’t believe that there’s support for Kinect on Mac unfortunately. According to the Wiki and on the Microsoft SDK download page, they require Windows 8/10 in order to work. Perhaps someone has found a workaround, but not sure. Sorry about that.

it was one of the reason to buy a PC :slight_smile: There is some workaround:
– using openNI with a software able to use it, like processing or Isadora and transmit data via OSC (not so fast and not many possibilites)
– use bootcamp to install windows and use TD with the microsoft SDK (not last macOS, not M1) but works.
– buy a PC and everithing is open !