MacOS Build 2019.15230 Text Top behavior change


I just opened up some projects on the latest stable Mac build (99.2019.15230) and found all my Text TOPs looked garbled. I checked version 99.2019.14650 and it also has the same problem.

After playing around with settings, I found the “dispmethod” parameter in the Text TOP is no longer greyed out in MacOS, however the default value of “Automatic” leaves most of the text image missing, like so (default text top with “derivative” text in Verdana 30pt):


However, if I change the Display Method to “Bitmap”, then it continues to behave as it did prior to the Spring 2019 release, like so:


I’d rather not have to edit all my project .toe files — this seems like a bug, no?


Can you send a .toe to please?

Done! Thanks!