MacOS: Connect SOP to Geometry

I’m trying to connect a Sphere SOP to a Geometry node – pretty basic stuff – and can’t connect them. Not working on my Intel or M1 MacOS 12.3. When I try to connect (like shown above), nothing happens. Connect line just disappears.

What could I be doing wrong??

hi @jimcipriani , welcome to the forum.

The Geo COMP has no input connection yet to which you could connect your wire. So first you’ll first need to place an In SOP inside the Geo COMP.

A shortcut way of doing this is to MMB the output of the Sphere SOP, and then choose a Geo COMP in the OP Create Dialog. This will place a new Geo COMP which already has an In SOP and and Out SOP, and it will also connect it to your Sphere SOP.

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Thank you, @nettoyeur!