macOS: full system crash when moving window between screens

Hi all,
in the latest official build on macOS, I can reliably crash my entire computer by moving a TD window between my external screen and the built-in display of the laptop. It does not happen every time, but always within a few tries. The crash sometimes happens right in the middle between the two screens (mouse cursor literally at the border), while other times I can drag it over to the other screen and move it around a bit there before the computer locks up and reboots. Crashes occur in both directions (external screen <> built-in display).

This happens even in a completely fresh default TD patch.

Here’s a video of it happening:

I’m curious if this is a known issue and if there is a fix in the works?


TD build 2023.11600 (non-commercial license)
macOS 14.4
MacBook Pro M3 Pro w/ 36 GB Memory

Hi @jonas.margraf - sorry to hear you’re seeing this. We’ve had a few reports of less severe crashes on M3 Macs. Do you see any Crash Reports for TouchDesigner in the Console app (in /Applications/Utilities)? If you’re seeing the whole system restart, it’s possible they aren’t being saved - but if they are, perhaps you could either attach them here, or e-mail to - thanks.

Hi Tom,
thanks for the reply. As you correctly guessed - crash reports are not saved because the whole computer goes down. There’s nothing in the Console app that relates to the crashes.

OK, thanks - we’ll try to recreate the crash here.

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