macOS poor performance compared to Windows on same machine

Hi !

So I’m having a strange issue. My computer has dual boot between Windows 10 and macOS 10.15.4 (hackintosh) and seeing some HUGE performance drop on Mac while everything is perfect on windows. It has Ryzen 9 3900X as CPU and RX580 as GPU and handles everything i throw at it pretty well and as long as I stay on windows I can get a consistent 60fps solid. But on macOS, even on the starting page of TD I drop to about 55fps and when opening the same projects I get half to a third of the fps.

I should note that other apps like Ableton behave very well on very CPU intensive projects and running benchmarks like Cinebench and Geekbench on macOS gives me expected results for the CPU with excellent performance.

Any idea what could be the cause of this ?

The issue is most likely on the GPU side, or the GPU drivers. macOS has stopping supporting OpenGL so performance on it seems to be getting worse.
We are in the process of upgrading to Vulkan/Metal to help avoid this though.


Thanks for the response Malcolm. I was under the impression it was the CPU as I noticed the performance drop while working with particles…
Looking forward to Vulkan/Metal implementation !

There are certain OPs that are slow on macOS, like the TOP to CHOP (pulling data down from the GPU to CPU), or sometimes rendering many points in 3D viewers (since you mention particles). Some are unavoidable due to the Apple drivers, but others go away in Perform Mode like the 3D viewers issue. Feel free to post a project file that isn’t performing well and we’re always happy to make optimizing recommendations.

@ben @malcolm
I have kinda similar problem to lulnarB has.

I started to make new project using particlesGPU.

The project get extremely laggy on my Intel Macbook Pro (with Radeon Pro VEGA 20) when it try to do something with particleGPU (like, 1xx ms lag) and get 9 FPS or so…
According to performance meter, the rendering OP in particlesGPU does have critical bottleneck. If I stop rendering the project (stop previewing OPs or displaying) it get back to 60FPS.

When it’s loaded with my Windows laptop with GTX1050 it works with slight drop of FPS, which is not a problem for my learning process.
Also i would like to add - basically, TD works well in my M1 macbook air as well, basically better than my MBP, but hasn’t loaded yet on M1.
Update: TD project on M1 worked flawlessly, so the issue represents only with my Intel MBP + Radeon Pro Vega 20. its OS is updated to mac OS Ventura
Update2: I have uploaded the project file below.

Is this caused by the same problem as architecture issue? Could I do something to optimize the performance?

particles-basic.3.toe (591.1 KB)

Some updates:
Here is screenshots of gpu activity monitors and probe.
Strangely, my internal Radeon GPU seems not working with full performance, even I have disabled the battery optimization from settings on my Mac.

I’d like to note that I have opened my Mac, refreshed battery, removed the dust and put thermal paste both on CPU and GPU a year ago, so I believe that it is not the issue on thermal problem.

in TD preferences - TOPs, I have set global resolution multiplier to half, and the FPS drop is reduced to somewhere around 30-45FPS.
Since my Intel MBP is my current main computer for creating music / interactive contents, I hope there is better solution…