[MacOS Sierra; 2019:15840] Touch cannot detect MIDI-Devices

Had this problem a second time and today i appeared again that someone with a MacBook (2015) cannot detect MidiDevices inside of TD. They appear in the AudioMidiSetup and other applications can work with it just fine, just TD has this problem.

Was the MIDI device plugged in after TD was started? I have noticed that TD does not ‘pickup’ a MIDI device that is plugged in after launch anymore like it used to, but I do not have any problems recognizing MIDI devices that are there prior.
Also, a MIDI device might be getting used by another application and then TD can’t grab it?

I am having the same problem? Any solutions?

@careydodge What version of TouchDesigner are you using and which version of macOS. This hasn’t been reported for many years.

It sorted itself out. Not sure how. It appeared and disappeared a few times but now seems to be working. I’m using a 2013 Macbook pro OS Big Sur so that may be the issue?


Thanks for letting us know.